Thailand, a land of civilization with a thousand years old culture.

Thailandís long-established cultural and culinary traditions are interested by people around the world. Thai food is unique, anyone who tastes it would be fascinated. It is not only delicious, but also supplies essential nutritions which is accepted by nutritionists.

Further more Thai Food is healthiness. It contains plenty of spices, which means herbs that is good for health. For example, garlic can reduce high blood pressure. Tamarind contributes an effectiveness function of kidney. Lemon grass can reduce gas in stomach. With these qualifications, no wonder why Thai Food is so popular.

NR. Instant Produce Co., Ltd, a company who recognizes the benefit of Thai Food. We put our hearts in Research & Development to make Thai Food worldwide acceptance. We emphasize on quality of product in order to meet standardization. Research and the leading edge technology are important to achieve NRís goal. Moreover our R&D teamwork composes of scientists and nutritionists. All of these make NR. be accepted by both domestic and overseas markets as a standard manufacturer of instant products. Our products become international and are expanding on the production capability of foreign food such as, Chinese, USA and etc. These capabilities encourage NR. to have more than 10 product lines, which can be grouped as follows : -
1. Instant Food / Ready to Cook
2. Ready to Eat
3. Seasoning Mix Powder
4. Dipping Sauce
5. Drink and Juice

Today, NR. aims to provide excellent product quality to achieve customersí satisfaction. We will continue to focus on improving the research and development.

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